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Counseling for Teens

The Teenage Years Strongly Impact One's Development as an Adult

It's tough being a teenager. It's a time when youth are looking for an identity, maybe to fit in, or maybe to stand apart from the crowd. If this isn't hard enough on its own, throw in some peer pressure, stress from schoolwork and personal relationships, a society that sends unhealthy messages of what's desirable, the allure of taboo recreational drugs and alcohol, and the constant battle for freedom, often against parental rules. It's no wonder teens today have more stress than in past generations. If your teen struggles with depression, motivation, phobias, self-confidence, relationships, or substance abuse or dependence, agreeing to meet with a therapist that offers a nonjudgmental and comfortable setting can help them navigate a balance through this delicate time when they are in the process of laying the foundation for a secure, happy life.


Jen has over 2,000 hours of one-on-one experience specifically counseling pre-teens, teens, and their families. She has worked with young men and women regarding tough issues such as self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence, depression, anxiety, family relationship issues, romantic relationship issues, being bullied, assertiveness, peer pressure, and drug and alcohol abuse. Besides providing individual therapy sessions, Jen has also co-led a girl's summer camp focusing on the unique traits and empowerment of the female spirit. Through a local non-profit counseling center, she also visits middle schools and high schools with discussions and lectures on teen relevant topics.


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