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Even the youngest members of your family go through tough stuff too.​

If your family is undergoing a transition, such as a move, new school, divorce, or other adjustment period, therapy can help children understand and process these changes as well as develop healthy coping skills. When children are in the elementary school years, without guidance pressures such as fitting in and bullying can hinder their personal development and lower self-esteem.  

Jen has experience in leading 4th-8th grade children in group discussions regarding tough topics such as assertiveness, peer pressure, saying no, bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, goals, and decision making. Jen has also worked with 6th-8th graders on achieving higher personal success through a workshop based on the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens".


In addition to offering individual therapy sessions, Jen has also led support groups for children  who have parents undergoing divorce. The groups focused on processing emotions, learning to adjust to a new enviroment, developing healthy coping and communication skills, educating kids on the process of divorce, and normalizing each individual experience. She anticipates starting a new group over the summer for children ages 7-11.  For more information  contact her here.

Counseling for Children

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