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Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Resources

Drug or alcohol abuse/dependance can create a confusing and seemingly out-of-control spiral that has profoundly negative effects on one's life. If you need more information on specific drug effects or treatment centers, refer to this website for helpful, local information:

I'd like to share a piece of my profile that addresses the cycle of mental health and substance abuse:

What relationship exists between mental health and substance abuse? What services do you provide for someone suffering with either and/or both?

In my work, I often see the two in a cyclic pattern. When one is dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, or even temporary situational distresses, it is more likely for them to look for comfort or escape with alcohol or substance use. Not only does this create unhealthy coping mechanisms, but the effects of drug/alcohol use also last much longer than the “high” or intoxication. Someone who is an addict has actually rewired their thought processes and ability to make sound choices and decisions. The drug can become the most important aspect of life, and perhaps the only way to “feel better”. Previous goals, aspirations, and relationships fall to the wayside. Prolonged use may increase or cause feelings of depression, helplessness, anxiety, and guilt even if these feelings weren’t present before.

The counseling services that I provide can help individuals and/or couples develop a healthy way of coping and expressing their deep, primary needs (such as love, belonging, closeness, etc.) either to each other or in healthy outlets. The goal is to have them improve these healthy outlets instead of turning to a troubling and isolating spiral of substance abuse.

You can view my full profile on this site here.

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