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Pre-Marital Counseling Package

It's Wedding Season!

Now offering a special pre-marital couple counseling package

Congratulations! You've found the love of your life and you're on your way to say your "I do's"! You can strengthen your bond and ensure a solid marriage by understanding your unique strengths and areas of growth that make your relationship dynamic. Pre-martial couples counseling will focus on your personality styles, understanding each other on a deeper level, and help stimulate essential conversations for your future together. The package cost is $329 which includes 3 therapy sessions and a in-depth online assessment which will produce a detailed report your therapist will explore with you. The details of the package are:

  • Online Relationship Assessment & Report: The easy, online assessment is completed before starting the initial premarital counseling. This assessment is customized to each person. It looks at the strengths of your relationship and identifies the growth areas. This process will help assess the personality styles of each individual and draw out the relationship dynamic. I will walk through the results with you over the course of your three sessions. You will receive a copy of the report that will help you visually identify the strengths and understand each other on a deeper level. In these sessions you will learn how to work with each other’s differences. This assessment will also help stimulate essential conversations.

  • The Couple’s Workbook (optional: additional $20): During the first session, you will receive a premarital couple’s workbook (from the Prepare and Enrich program) exploring various areas of relationships, tools to communicate, wedding planning tools, etc. This workbook will be used alongside the therapy process.

  • Three Therapy Sessions: Explore relationship strengths and identify potential issues that need addressing. Strengthen communication skills to help address and prevent future conflict. Identify and manage major marriage stressors (in-laws, finances, parenting). Define the boundaries and limitations to help the marriage grow. Gain tools to resolve conflicts and understand. Learn skills to create a secure bond with one another.

To schedule your customized pre-martial counseling package, contact Jen at 408-887-2853 or email Jen at

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